Meet the Founder!


Maren Earn, Founder

ย Born in Utah but spending most of her life in sunny California Founder of SheWeed Maren Earn is a mother of 3 beautiful children. Having had a career as a boss lady in the fashion and retail industry ,helping run stores and building ladies confidence up with fashion finds and advice, she is now a full time mother.She realized one day in talking with her friends also mothers, or women in the public eye that was there was a common thread that kept coming up. That the at home delivery system and marijuana stores were promedently men. Women do not feel safe going into the stores nor have a stranger come to their homes. From there SheWeed was born. Wanting to start a safe and honest community in which women can get their products and feel safe in doing so. From there the women supporting women was born as well a CBD product line. Maren’s goal is to not only change the marijuana game as far as delivery systems go but to bring a sense of community, togetherness and change as women come together to support each other.

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